As a small business owner, there isn’t a greater feeling than running a successful campaign that results in sales. It starts with having a good quality product and ends with the acknowledgement that your efforts weren’t for not. As a blogger I hope that a post goes viral and my team does a happy dance when our landing pages convert to sales. But what do you do when you plan and execute with precision, there are no glitches or issues with driving traffic, the buzz is palpable and in the end the sales conversion is a flat-line? A complete failure. What do you do?

Small Business FailYou cry. Seriously. As an entrepreneur you cry. And then you try to figure out what the hell happened.

And that’s exactly what I’m trying to do today – figure out what the hell happened on Friday. I am sitting here looking at the analytics with tears streaming down my cheeks because I am beyond frustrated. Scratch that I’m sad and baffled when it comes to sales for one of my resources. Since it’s launch in 2014 my book for military spouses titled Right Side Up hasn’t ever gotten much traction – a fact that has both myself and my publisher – as she put it – puzzled. Last Friday the book was featured for their Fabulous Friday campaign. For a full day anyone could get a copy for only $5.

We had a campaign that generated thousands of impressions, high click thru rates and lots of buzz. And when all was said and done we sold 1 (no that isn’t a typo) 1 book. The numbers just don’t measure up and it isn’t translating with respect to feedback or how other resources of ours do. Which as an entrepreneur can be VERY frustrating.

Here is where my business head goes:

  • People asked for the product, but don’t purchase the product.
  • I regularly receive emails about how much the tips and strategies within the book help military spouses.
  • I’m told over and over again that dealing with the emotional side of military life is something people in our community are looking for.
  • And when I speak and the guests receive the book as a gift – the reviews are phenomenal and pour in for weeks.
  • But bottom line if there isn’t a sale there is a problem either with the sales process or the product itself.

The entrepreneur in me isn’t attached to this reality. It’s like a calculus problem begging to be solved. So I dig in, analyze the data and ask questions like: [click to continue reading …]


I’ll be the first to admit that when I became a military spouse I had no idea how to handle the logistics, change and stress that came with the military life. I was the epitome of fake it ’til you make it and often made things so much harder on myself than they needed to be.  But over the years I’ve gone from overwhelmed and stressed out to resilient in ways I never knew possible. I have felt powerless and learned to overcome situations and challenges and I’ve become stronger.

Military Life Spouse Creed

At my husbands promotion ceremony the other day I was asked what I do besides take care of my military family. Little did the soldier know that his question would trigger a serious introspection on my part. While I answered that I was a motivational speaker and teen suicide prevention expert my thoughts spun off trying to answer the question “What do I do BESIDES take care of my military family”.

Why was this such a difficult question for me? Because what I do as my profession IS to take care of military spouses, military significant others, military kids, military moms – MY military family. It is my passion to help others navigate a lifestyle that isn’t always easy.

Now that my own children are grown and our house is an empty nest, I get my mom on by supporting, educating and even administering an attitude adjustment every now and again. Heck I even wrote Right Side Up to support military families so they would have the tools and strategies I wish I had when finding ways to deal with this crazy life.

The best part about doing what I do is that I get to help people answer YES to the question:

Are You Ready to Be Happy in Military Life?

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This post was sponsored by the MetLife TRICARE Dental Program as part of an Ambassador Program for Influence Central.

For me the start of a new year signals that it’s time to take a look at our finances. I use this time of year to insure that all of our ducks are in a row when it comes to things like insurance, retirement savings and budgeting. And while I have shared how much I really hate budgets I know the importance of having a plan which includes looking at every aspect of our financial situation and how it affects our military family.

Military family _MetLifeTDPOne of the things we learned early on in our marriage is the importance of having insurance – because while the premiums do have a small impact on our monthly discretionary spending it’s nothing compared to the bill that comes if we need care, get into an accident or something happens to our home.

As a military family we are fortunate to have the option to purchase dental care in addiction to our regular Tricare Medical benefits, and I’m actually surprised at how many families choose not to participate. For us dental care is one of those optional services that has proven worthwhile over and over again. From cracked fillings to routine care we have definitely gotten our moneys worth.

Need Dental Coverage for your Military Family?

The MetLife TRICARE Dental Program (TDP) program is available to Active Duty, Selected Reserve (SELRES) and Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) service members and their families. (Check them out on Facebook if you aren’t familiar with who they are and what they provide). Service members can get dental insurance for themselves and their military family members in various combinations that work for their particular circumstances.

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As someone with a small business I know hindsight is often 20-20. And today is no different. Today as I learned some new blogger tips I realize once again how much I don’t know. Who knows maybe up until the last 6 months I never thought of myself as a blogger. More of a motivational speaker who needed a way to stay in touch with people who came to my events. As a result of that mindset I did what many new bloggers do, I got a free WordPress site and began to write. I wrote whenever I was inspired and eventually began short daily direction moments. I didn’t have a clue what I was doing, had no idea about keywords and didn’t care too much about google analytics. Heck I thought I had arrived when I got my first comment. Only now do I wish I could start over and do things right from the beginning. So today I’ll share some blogging advice I wish I had received a few years ago.

Small Business Blogger TipBut before I share the tips, let me share how I got from happy dancing over a comment to so completely frustrated with the number of pageviews that I’ve committed to learning all the things I wished I had known from the start. Almost 2 years ago, armed with a few regular followers and an entrepreneurial side that wouldn’t quit I learned just enough about self-hosting to be dangerous. I took the plunge and added a google analytics plugin and learned a little about SEO. and Filled up my meta places with anything I could think of that would tell people I was on the scene. Fast forward to many missed opportunities for sponsorship and lots of confusion about how to blog as a business I decided to do some research for some tips that would help me increase my pageviews and lower my bounce rates.

And over the last month I have been all over the place. I’m in that place where I know enough to know that I set up my entire blog and the back-end of my site all wrong. I know that I’ve not used keywords correctly and I realize that the efforts that I’ve put in have actually worked against me when it comes to organic traffic generation. If I could do it all over I would have definitely hired a coach to walk me through what to do. But since I can’t do that I might as well help you out by sharing the first set of  [click to continue reading …]