CANAs the cough lingers I can say that this years spring cold is one for the record books. It started as they always do, that unmistakable tickle in the back of your throat that makes you go hmmm…but here it is almost 3 weeks later and I’m still not 100%. Without going into the gory details, I’ve been making a dent in “my spot” on our couch buried in Kleenex and enough medicine to take down a baby elephant literally coughing up my left lung for far too long. Over the years I’ve heard that somewhere research is going on looking for the cure for the common cold, but I will say once again the cure is not coming soon enough for this gal.

So like any resourceful military spouse, after almost 2 weeks and multiple ineffective doctor appointments I decided to take matters into my own hands and took to the internet. You may not think of technology as a cure for the common cold but these Tech Remedies made all the difference for me and hopefully you can use these Apps and info the next time you are looking for a cure for the common cold. [Ok maybe not an actual cure, but they definitely help lessen the misery that is the common cold :)] [click to continue reading …]


May is Military Appreciation Month. It’s the month where we honor the memory of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice and it’s  a time to reflect and think about the impact our community has on the world.

For me when I think about this, I can’t help but notice the military children and the impact they are making. It’s Katie who won the battle with a rare form of cancer and now shares her story, Geoffrey who turned his battle with depression into an organization that empowers and the countless number of milkids who follow their parents footsteps choosing to serve our country. And then there is my daughter Heather who showed incredible resilience and strength and is now making huge strides in cancer research.

Our first duty station was a culture shock especially for Heather. She was a Junior and the school just wasn’t her cup of tea. Instead of passing the time in a place that didn’t suit her, she carved a new path for herself, doubling up and taking night classes she graduated high school and started college a year early.

She was passionate and driven in a way that not many are setting her sights on cancer research. My daughter had seen what cancer can do when my father lost his battle after a 4 year fight. It was as if those events lit a fire that causing her to find new roads as a military dependent. Now 5 years later, a graduate in cell & molecular biology, she manages the entire cancer research facility at TTU where cutting edge treatments are being tested and cures are found.

Military children learn from early on skills like resilience, hard work and determination. They know that sometimes you have to work for a cause and a mission that is so much bigger than we are as individuals. And  Heather does that day in and day out. She chose to take a situation that didn’t serve her and turn it into an opportunity, which is something our community does on a regular basis. And she is not alone. [click to continue reading …]


3 Tips to Overcome (2)Have you ever been frustrated because things aren’t having the results that you want them to? Maybe it’s that sales aren’t moving at the speed you expected? Or like in my case, I thought that a few of our recent projects would be producing higher results than they are.

My business has been making me wonder lately. Making me question our methods…making me wonder where I went wrong…AND they are making me angry because my expectations on various products and how they would see isn’t panning out as easily as we predicted. Sound familiar?

I figured that by this time things would be different. Marketing would be “working” and the ticker tape would be flowing…but while sales are happening, the overnight sensation that I expected for resources like Warning Signs and Right Side Up are slow going. So like any other entrepreneur I question what am I doing wrong. I’m sifting through the details looking for the reason that things aren’t working like I “think” that they should.

And what am I noticing? That sometimes the answer isn’t in the details. It’s in the action, or lack of action in the right places. Let me explain…

As an online business owner, I have fallen into a trap – the “technology trap” as I call it. I love the convenience of working at “all hours”. I love the ease and “busy”ness of Facebook, twitter and email. And I love the potential of reaching out to untapped markets through the internet…

But what I am realizing is that it isn’t all wonderful. This “trap” has actually created a false sense of reality. Because of the instantaneous nature of the internet, we think that sales, turnover and conversion rates should be just as instantaneous. We think that all we have to do is put it out there, and move on to our next “creation”. But that isn’t how it works.

Driving traffic, letting the “world-wide web” know you are open for business, and making the most of the “relationships” you have developed on the social networking sites all take time, consistency and EFFORT.

So how do we overcome the downside of social media marketing?

Here are 3 tips: [click to continue reading …]


The Struggle Is Real2As I wait for my flight back to Missouri, I can’t help but laugh because the idea that I’m going “home” feels a bit like an oxymoron. Sure when we think about military life, home is where the heart is and you know I am a grow where you are planted kind of gal but today, in this moment, I call bullshit.

Don’t freak out, my next military lifestyle post will have some great tidbit that comes from working through it all but for today, my struggle is real. I’m living it and if I don’t share the reality that comes with my life as a military spouse, well… then this blog is just fluff and that’s not how I roll…

For me the absolute hardest part of being a military family is the distance it puts between me, my children and my family in general. I hate that from our latest duty station, I am 3 flights away from my daughter and her family, almost 700 miles from my son and even farther from extended family. I long for days to just be with them all doing the little things.

This past weekend I went to see my daughter and her family, we had an absolute perfect visit, but as I sit here waiting to board my plane I find I’m angry. I’m frustrated that our military life makes it’s just a visit rather than being an active participant in their daily lives. [click to continue reading …]