Living in the “Crap” May Be Just What You Need!

by Judy Davis - The Direction Diva on April 22, 2014

MH900048769 150x150 Sometimes you look around and realize that you don’t like where you are.

I’m not talking philosophically but in a more literal sense.  You may not like your house, your  street, or even the state (or country) that you live in.  And when you don’t have a choice to change your locale, it can feel terrible.

As many of you know, El Paso wasn’t my favorite town, I didn’t speak Spanish (which is the primary language around here) and it was difficult, but if I looked hard enough I could find many reasons why it was the right place for me right at that time.  You see no matter where you are living, you are surrounded by beauty and opportunity, sometimes you just have to look harder to find it.

You may be sitting there rolling your eyes right now, but bear with me.

When you are surrounded by an environment that doesn’t feel good, doesn’t look good or just isn’t where you want to be, you have an amazing opportunity to turn within.  Think of it as if all the distractions have been turned off, and you have a free pass to dig deep within yourself and grow as a person.  Instead of thinking about all the “crap” that surrounds you physically, seek out the beauty in the things that  are inside you.

Is there a project you have been putting off, is there a dream you set aside years ago, maybe it’s as simple as wanting to take the time to improve your health, slow down and recharge your battery. Whatever it is, when your surroundings are less than desirable it’s a sign that you won’t be distracted, and you now can take care of all the dreams and desires that up until now got pushed aside…

So the next time you look around at “your crappy surroundings”, and wish you were living somewhere else, doing something else,  know that you are being given a gift.  Take the opportunity to look inside and see all that is there, it will be the best landscape you will ever see!


Tech Moment: How Technology is Helping Me Win The Battle With MY Bulge!

by Judy Davis - The Direction Diva on April 17, 2014

2407 101413 gs2407 150x150 using technology health fitness It’s no secret that I’ve had a love/hate relationship with my body for most of my life. Heck I’ve even written about it here! It’s also no secret that day by day I am becoming more and more tech savvy finding ways to use technology to improve my life and my health. But what I never imagined is that the use of technology would take my lifelong emotional battle with my weight and turn it into a simple equation that changed how I look at food and my body.

Prior to January of this year I can honestly say that I HATED my body and the number on the scale was a determining factor as to whether or not it would be a good day. Food wasn’t fuel it was the enemy and while I exercised when I felt like it the gym wasn’t a daily habit either. But in January I realized that I had a year until I would turn 50! [Shocker I know icon wink using technology health fitness ] It was a realization that I needed to take my health a bit more seriously and I needed to compensate for the aging process.

EVERY where that I speak I tell people how important it is to take care of our health. Military life has enough ups and downs and it’s important to make yourself a priority…Do as I say…not as I do right!?!  Well I decided to listen to myself for once and began with a clean slate and decided to give technology a shot. You see I get equations and logic (I am a math major – or at least that’s what my degree says icon smile using technology health fitness ) but I had never applied logic to my weight loss journey.

So I gathered up my Droid Maxx smartphone*,  loaded my favorite apps (MyFitnessPal and JeFit) and set up gadgets like the Google Chromecast * and the rest as they say is history. With 25 pounds gone I’m well on my way to reach my goals and I have to tell you it’s never been easier. Here’s why:

  • With the My Fitness Pal (MFP) app I am able to look at food as fuel. It’s the mindset of calories in/calories out. I can eat what ever I want as long as I put it into the app. The app helps me see exactly what the nutritional value is and it’s opened my eyes to the fact that some of the things I thought were healthy really weren’t healthy at all.
  • JeFit motivates me to get to the gym and incorporate lifting weights into my routine. It suggests workouts based on my goals (currently I’m working to get rid of the upper arm jiggle before it’s tank top season)!
  • Tracking my weight through MFP helps me see MY weight loss pattern. It graphs it and I can see that my pattern is lose 4 lbs and then fluctuate a lb or 2 for a bit then lose 4 again. No longer does the scale dictate my moods because I look at my progress analytically rather than emotionally.
  • On the days I can’t make it to the gym my Chromecast streams my yoga videos right from my phone onto my flat screen and it’s stereo power yoga blasting through my house. I’m able to zen out or even do a bit of zumba all in the convenience of my living room! No purchasing the latest CD’s just free streaming from youtube, or sites like .

Technology has been such a help with this process and my mindset has shifted significantly as a result of using it to enhance my overall health and well being. It’s allowed me to stop beating myself up with regard to my progress because it helps me take control (and responsibility) for what I consume and how I exercise. I find that I make healthier choices and am more active because I have in the palm of my hand the best accountability partner ever! A partner that just gives me the facts and doesn’t sugar coat or judge my actions. I’ll keep you posted and encourage you to share your favorite ways to get fit!


*As a member of the #VZWBuzz team I received the Droid Maxx & Google Chromecast from Verizon. No additional compensation was given and all opinions are my own. As always know whenever I talk about products you will get the real scoop not something someone asks me to write icon smile using technology health fitness


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