A few weeks ago on the Direction Diva blog we talked about how one word can change your life. That blog post talked specifically about how the word FOCUS can inspire and motivate you to turn things around and begin living your best life. Today we continue the #FocuswithJudy theme as we talk about what you should be focusing on to create a better life.

You hear people talk about how focus is the “key” to so many things.  If you focus you will do well in school.  If you focus you will lose those last 10 pounds.  If you focus you can….”DO ANYTHING”.

Why is that?  [click to continue reading …]


TheDirectionDiva.comAsking for help when life becomes overwhelming is something I advocate for and discuss a lot here on the Direction Diva Blog. I believe asking for help is critical especially with regard to depression, mental and behavioral health issues and so much more. I even talk about how the military community needs to do a better job of asking for and offering help in general here. But today I want to take this concept to a different place, I want to talk about asking for help to create a better life for yourself.

Asking for help is something that has gotten a bad rap. As we grow up, we are programmed to think that asking for help, support or direction means that we can’t do it ourselves. In the military community, asking for help is often seen as a sign of weakness.  Even from the time we are young we are told “Don’t ask for that”, it’s impolite. And frankly this mindset just doesn’t make sense, and asking for help is not only something that I do, but I also encourage it…as long as you follow some simple guidelines.

Shakti Gwain said…

“You create your opportunities by asking for them”

Without exception I have experienced this. I mean, how can we create anything new if we don’t ask questions? How can we grow if we don’t ask for direction. How do we get through any challenge if we don’t ask for support? Simple answer: we don’t. If you look at any successful person, Judy Davis, The Direction Diva included, we have developed the skill of asking for what we want and work hard.

We don’t do it in a rude way, nor do we do it expecting others to make things happen for us, but we ask for help in strategic, well thought out ways that are MUTUALLY beneficial. We ask the questions that no one else will, and we ask for what we need as we move forward with our goals. But most importantly we ask and know that you get what you want in life when you ask according to the simple guidelines I am sharing with you today. [click to continue reading …]


10 ways to better networkingNetworking has become part of everyday life. We network for business and for pleasure. We network to meet new contacts and strengthen relationships. Networking is essential to our success and while we don’t have to be perfect at, we do need to be able to hold our own in order to thrive.

Personally I network online and off especially for The Direction Diva business. I love to network and it comes so naturally for me. But for some of you social networking may feel like torture; others well… you may just suck at it.

Maybe you throw up all over people trying to explain your business, perhaps you forget to listen thinking about how you will pitch yourself. Heck you may be much to nervous to make the first effort to meet someone new.

Here are 10 simple things you can do to become better at social networking immediately: [click to continue reading …]


7 ways to find successHere at Direction Diva headquarters our goal is to help you find success quickly. Sometimes we do that by sharing our experiences so you don’t have to deal with the challenges yourself so I thought I’d talk about 5 things you can do to find success right now. But first I wanted to talk a little about expectations because expectations and success go hand in hand.

Lately, I have been in a twirl about how to reach the entire military and military spouse communities more effectively. I have cycled between excitement and frustration trying to find success. I know there has to be a better way than, I expect to find the solution but the secret sauce is eluding me at every turn.

I have written about expectations in Right Side Up and also blogged about them here but an interesting realization hit me as I was plodding along stuck in the frustration looking for an answer to present itself…

Expectations are not only what’s driving my success, they are responsible for it and here’s why… [click to continue reading …]