Change is Here

So many things have happened this year both personally and in the world around us. Who knew that Covid would stop all of Geoff’s treatment (**see below for details) and we would be stuck at home for months on end. So in true Davis style, we were inspired to start some new hobbies (watercolors and woodworking) to pass the time, and much to our surprise you guys can’t get enough of them!

So in answer to the “Can I get one of those”, we are excited to let you know that original work and commissioned pieces are now available from Geoff and I :)!
For prints and products of Judy’s watercolors visit our Davis Inspired shop and be sure to follow along via Instagram at Davis_Inspired for the latest projects and availability!

**As many of you know on April 9, 2019 my husband, active duty Army Combat Engineer Geoffrey Davis was critically injured in a blast. He suffered an above knee amputation and is currently undergoing treatment at the Center For the Intrepid in San Antonio, TX.

We are facing this challenge head on as a team, which means lots of changes for both our family and my businesses. (You can follow our personal journey on our private Facebook group ).

Good news is that Mighty Parenting and all the information you need to raise your teens and young adults is still going strong with Sandy Fowler at the helm (plus she has lots of other resources for you too – so be sure to check her out)!

Change is a good thing and I am grateful for all the love and support we have received as we navigate toward our new normal. I’ve been asked what’s next and the only thing I do know is that right now it’s putting my family first.

Love and thanks, Judy

If you need to contact Judy you can send an email to JudyDavis{@}TheDirectionDiva{.}com