Recently my husband and I celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary. It seems like yesterday that we said “I Do”, but a lifetime has passed since that day and despite the challenges of military life we work together to keep our relationship strong. So many memories, challenges and incredible moments that come to mind, and I can honestly say I’d do it all over again. But it’s hard work to keep a relationship going and in the past I’ve shared tips on how we do it in my Bulletproof For A Better Marriage Series, but you can never have to many tips for making your military marriage better right? So today I want to share some tip that you can put to use in your relationship with these

7 Ways To Bring Sexy Back Into Your Military Marriage:

  • Kick it up a notch: While I’m all for yoga pants and t-shirts for comfort, I have to admit that a ponytail, make-up free face and cozy lounge wear may not be the choice that will spice up your love life.  In the hustle and bustle of balancing all that we have to do as military spouses it’s important to take the time to let your sexy out every now and then. Ditch the mom clothes, done that “special occasion” undies and watch the sizzle pop.
  • Have a playdate: Whether it’s prepping for deployments or getting ready for yet another PCS it’s easy to let the seriousness of our lives take over. As a military couple we have to deal with a lot of heavy stuff and it’s important that we don’t forget to put some play back into our lives. Get creative and find ways to play together in and out of the bedroom [click to continue reading …]


4 Simple Strategies for an Atypical Holiday SeasonOne of the greatest challenges I face as a military spouse is being separated from family and friends during the holiday season. It was tough during those first years and deployment but now that we are empty nesters – with children too many miles away – it’s even worse. You see my definition of a real holiday season is to host and attend many different types of parties where we come together with those we love and celebrate the good (and hug out the bad) times we’ve had throughout the year. It’s a time to reminisce and re-connect, and most of all create new memories.

Whether it was days of prep for the ultimate Thanksgiving feast or hours of planning, baking and decorating so that anyone who walked through the door felt welcome, my goal was to make sure that every guest felt like they had come home. I loved the hustle and bustle of juggling a full social calendar, dressing up for my husbands corporate events and watching my loved ones open their gifts knowing that I got it just right. But when you live far away and your family is spread out across the country the vision and the reality are very different. Since we became a military family – 8 years ago – I’ve had to change my thoughts and re-define what a real holiday means for me. And honestly I haven’t been able to figure that out yet.

If I’m completely honest, my attitude over the last few weeks is to skip it all together. The kids won’t be able to get here this year, and we made the conscious decision to not take any more leave – so here we will stay. I tell myself it’s a good thing because the other soldiers with little ones will be able to create memories like the one’s I cherish, but there is a part of me that just longs to be surrounded by family and friends who know me well. Don’t get me wrong my military peeps rock and I have some incredible battle buddies, but for my entire life the holidays were filled with LOTs of family, love and laughter.

So I let myself have my moment, and woke up today bound and determined to figure out some strategies that will help me get through the season without bumming myself out (or killing my husband 😉 ) in the process. Here are some of the strategies I’ll be using: [click to continue reading …]


Life UnpluggedFor a while now, social media has been a huge part of my business and personal life. I use it to keep in touch with friends and family as well as to promote my business and the products/services offered. Heck I blog about it regularly and even speak of the benefits that social media brings to a military spouse and online small biz owner. I even focus on the importance of personal interaction and the need to step away from technology and social media to find joy and connection in your day to day life.

But the reality is I had personally never taken a break from technology. In fact prior to 10 days ago, my latest gadget, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5* was never far from sight since I integrated it into my life a few years ago. And my notification bar was ALWAYS filled with alerts from email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and every other application I could find. To say that my life had been taken over by technology was an understatement.

So, I decided to do a 10 day challenge and live unplugged from all things social to share my experience with you. I actually took myself off the grid for 10 days during a time when I would normally use my tech ALOT – at a business event and on vacation with the intention to prove that it wasn’t that hard. And I was wrong.

Was it hard? YES – more so than I ever imagined – and the adjustment didn’t happen overnight. But before I tell you about the experience I challenge you to live unplugged for 10 day and come back to tell me how it went. For me, the experience was downright miserable until it wasn’t – but that progress happened in phases and here are some highlights about what I learned….

Phase 1: The Detox

My husband had been focused on the fact that I ALWAYS had my phone on me, and if I’m honest, I did experience some anxiety when I ran to the store for milk and forgot my phone. I had even started to charge my phone bedside “just in case” but hey it’s just a phone, and I needed to be connected – I have an online business and kids that live away from home. At least that’s what I told myself. In fact in this case it’s so much easier to talk the talk than actually walk the walk.

Reality Check #1: Never did it occur to me that living life unplugged would be so difficult. For the first 24 hours I kept reaching for my phone. I can’t tell you how many times I glanced to the notifications bar fighting the urge to swipe and just take a peek. Honestly my inability to ignore the alerts got so bad that I physically had to go into the settings and turn off notifications from every single app and email address, literally making my device a flip-phone in disguise.  It was only then that I was able to fully disconnect.

But the challenge had only just begun.

Phase 2: Life Without Tech

Once I had 36 hours “tech-free” under my belt I slowly began to see how integrated technology had become in my life. Everything from driving directions to hotel confirmation codes was tied to my device. Heck I remember a time when I could remember the phone numbers of most everyone I knew, and now choosing a perfect glass of wine became a discussion rather than a quick glance at my Vivino app to compare vintages. But it didn’t stop there.

Both at V-WISE and on vacation there were challenges that I hadn’t expected. [click to continue reading …]


8 Fab & Favorite


I love inspirational quotes, I also love things that motivate me to move forward. But most of all I love direction moments! What is a direction moment you ask?

A direction moment is a moment in time
that changes the course of your life forever

Direction Moments are opportunities for us to make choices and take action. They empower us to break through our fears and challenge us to step up our game. Direction Moments are what dreams and success are built on. But most importantly, they allow us to redirect our thoughts, our mindsets and our actions in a way that moves us forward.

Direction moments are unique and often spark a simple mindset shift that changes our lives… and that is why I share them regularly on my facebook page and instagram!

Here are some of my favorites!


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