Retirement RemorseDo we? Don’t we?

That’s the question both my husband and I asked for weeks when we found ourselves in a financial pickle over a decade ago. At the time we had exhausted every other option and didn’t know what else to do, so we flipped the switch and did something we knew we shouldn’t do, we used our retirement savings.

Have you ever done that? Made a decision about something in your life only to very quickly wish you could go back and have a do-over? Maybe we didn’t think about the long-term consequences but we sure did pay the price – much like those who now have #SwitchersRemorse** after changing their Verizon cellular service ;) .

Sadly our decision didn’t have an easy fix, because when you drain your 401K to get over a financial hump you can’t ever take it back. And  after spending years building up a retirement account we were happy to have a nice and growing nest egg, but the mistake of using it unwisely brought about true retirement remorse – and it sucks.

Instead of adjusting our expenses to meet our new income level, or creating another income stream  to replace a business that went south during the automotive industry collapse, we took the easy way out and made a decision that had long-term ramifications that we never saw coming.  It didn’t take us long to see the error of our ways and we learned a valuable lesson about the wrong way to set yourself up for a stress free retirement.

Here are some things I wish we had considered before we raided our 401K: [click to continue reading …]


TWITTER CHATSIt’s no secret that twitter is my favorite social media platform for discovering new and relevant information. I also love it for business and find that there is truly power in a twitter chat. Twitter chats are a great way to engage in a conversations about the things that you are interested in.

Twitter chats are live events, usually moderated and centered around one general topic. There are regular chats that happen on an ongoing basis and single running campaigns that happen at various times to share information or promote a specific marketing effort.

To follow a conversation you can filter all tweets into a single conversation a hashtag is used and is put on every tweet associated with that particular chat making it easy to stay in the conversation. I personally use Hootesuite to participate in chat’s because it allows me to put in a particular hashtag and pulls the feed into this service making it simple to follow and engage.  There are others like Tweetchat, Twitterfall & Twubs that you can use.  put together a great post Twitter Chat Tools if you are looking for more information.

Some of my favorite chats aren’t targeted to military life directly, they just help me do a better job at managing all my life and businesses. Here are my favorite regular chats!

My Favorite Twitter Chats [click to continue reading …]


PCSHow to Make Money on Your CONUS PCS
BY Guest Jaclyn Lambert

Your spouse just came down on orders for a your next duty station and it’s a CONUS (continental United States) PCS. Amidst all that needs to be done between now and your report date, the biggest question is how to get your “goods” to your new home.
Thankfully, you have options:
  • Allow the transportation management office (TMO) to handle your move or
  • Plan a personally procured move (PPM aka DITY move). Remember you can do a full PPM or a partial.

While the first option seems tempting (who even likes moving?), the latter not only provides paid-insurance coverage & more control over your valuables, but could also provide you some profit– if you play your cards right.

Here are 4 principles for putting some extra cash in your pocket

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3 Situations you should never use theAcronyms aren’t the only thing we need to learn when we become a military family. From deployment to frequent TDY assignments there are strategies that help us manage the home front when our spouses are gone. There are tips and tricks we learn for moving and re-integration. And sometimes even the best thought out plan ends in disaster.

I’m a believer in concepts like “it takes a village” and “I get by with a little help from my friends”, but I’m also someone who encourages and lives by a few unwritten rules when it comes to being a military family.

I will preface this with saying that there are times when life just hands you lemons and we get in over our heads. I’m not talking about those times or to those people who find themselves in a pickle through no fault of their own. And I do think that there are moments when it’s acceptable to play the Military card. But all too often members of our community use the fact that they are military times when it’s completely unacceptable. As always take what you need and leave the rest ;)!

Here we go:

3 Situations Where You Should NEVER Play The “Military” Card [click to continue reading …]