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7 Surefire Ways to Easily Find Success

Here at Direction Diva headquarters our goal is to help you find success quickly. Sometimes we do that by sharing our experiences so you don’t have to deal with the challenges yourself so I thought I’d talk about 5 things you can do to find success right now. But first I wanted to talk a little about expectations because expectations and success go hand in hand.

Lately, I have been in a twirl about how to reach the entire military and military spouse communities more effectively. I have cycled between excitement and frustration trying to find success. I know there has to be a better way than, I expect to find the solution but the secret sauce is eluding me at every turn.

I have written about expectations in Right Side Up and also blogged about them here but an interesting realization hit me as I was plodding along stuck in the frustration looking for an answer to present itself…

Expectations are not only what’s driving my success, they are responsible for it and here’s why…

Having expectations has taught me how to find success more than any book I’ve read, seminar I’ve attended or webinar I’ve watched. The expectation that one day I will uncover the secret sauce keeps me plugging away and taking action. It helps me focus on why I do what I do, and it keeps the creative juices flowing. Having positive expectations is a mindset that drives me to learn new things everyday and THAT is what’s unlocking the key to success.

Expectations keep me motivated, searching, and discovering. In fact expecting has actually put some pep in my step at times when I felt like I was getting nowhere. Even without  all the answers I continue to take action – because of the expectation that I will find success. Learning, trying and failing are part of the process and the most successful entrepreneurs expect all of these things.

So the next time you think or feel like success is eluding you do these 7 things to turn it around:

  1. Dream big, think out of the box and expect to win.
  2. Allow yourself time to grow.
  3. Keep trying, learning and failing; it all moves you forward.
  4. Take action even if it’s something small
  5. Learn from your mistakes (AND STOP BEATING YOURSELF UP)!
  6. Embrace the process and enjoy the journey
  7. Don’t forget to celebrate the successes, big or small they all matter.

Expectation coupled with action is the only thing an entrepreneur really needs. It is the secret sauce to finding success. So keep expecting, keep taking action and keep making mistakes! Success will come!

What are you expecting this year? Share what big dream you are moving toward!


~Judy Davis, the Direction Diva is a motivational speaker, author and lifestyle blogger as well as a military life and teen suicide prevention expert. Co-founder of DASIUM, Judy’s books Right Side Up  and Warning Signs: Is Your Teen at Riskare go to resources for families and her websites are filled with tips, inspiration and resources for those looking for direction. Connect with Judy at


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