Are You An Entrepreneur?

February 19, 2013

One of the challenges that many of us in the military community are faced with is how hard it is to find a job when you move every 2 – 3 years. Many of us look into is owning our own businesses, and there are many different options in that regard. But being an entrepreneur isn’t all the glam and glory that it’s made out to be.

Over the last week or so I’ve been in some pretty heated debates and have mentored a few milspouses on this exact topic. It seems that with today’s economy, more and more people are looking for ways to get ahead.  They are starting new companies, creating new products, joining home business opportunities and making things happen, and military spouses are no exception.

But just because someone else is doing it, does it mean it’s right for you? A few years ago I wrote an article on entrepreneurship, and felt that it needed to “come out of the wood work” again. I think that the entrepreneur route is awesome, but if you aren’t willing to work to find success it really isn’t the place to go to “try it out”, you could be opening yourself up to a lot of heartache and potential financial challenges.

So if you are asking yourself whether or not it’s right for you, you may want to read this excerpt before you hang your “open for business” sign!

If you have ever been among a distinct group of people willing to step out of their comfort zone, and risk it all for an idea you may be an entrepreneur. When we think of an entrepreneur, we often think of people like Donald Trump, Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs.  In reality, there are millions of people who have taken the leap to build multiple income streams who can consider themselves entrepreneurs.

Understand that entrepreneurs think differently. They are people willing to do things that other people do not. Some people say it’s the Midas touch, when in reality it’s much more than that. Entrepreneurs have a different mindset. Without exception people with an entrepreneurial spirit become successful when they take their ideas and do what ever it takes to make them become a reality.

Successful people think of the possibilities, not the problems.  They make things happen. They don’t quit when things get tough and will make lemonade from the nastiest  of lemons.  People that are entrepreneurs seek out solutions, where other people see only roadblocks. Without exception every person who has decided to go down the entrepreneurial path has the ability to dream about possibilities that other people push aside as fantasy.  Entrepreneurs are consistently described as people who are or strive to be:

•Leaders •Self-confident •Organized •Competitive •Willing to work for what they want •Health conscious •Have ideas that are unique, or are a unique twist to other ideas •Has support system •Willing to make short-term sacrifices in return for long term success •Willing to take a risk •High energy •Good communicators •Have experience or are willing to educate themselves. •Well-rounded •Have the ability to bounce back •Innovative •Results-orientated •Totally committed

Can you see yourself standing among this group? If so, you probably have some great ideas and want to know what you can do to move forward. You may want to know how to make sure that your ideas don’t sizzle and fade away.  Possibly you don’t know what steps to take so that you can get your ideas off the ground.  The most important things for you to do are to take action and never give up.

Did you know that many people literally talk themselves out of incredible opportunities each day? Think about the last idea you had.  What happened?  My guess is that you had thoughts similar to “It’s a great idea, but I don’t have the money to start a business” or  “So many people need this service, but I’m sure someone else has already done it”.  Sound familiar?  Don’t stress, you are not alone.  So many ideas and potential entrepreneurs never get out of the gate, for the simple fact that they fail to act and are consumed with “buts”.

When people fail to take that first action step it is critical.  Without an initial forward moving activity, no idea has ever gotten off the ground.  Understand that it doesn’t matter if those first action steps don’t pan out.  If you do something the chances of success multiply exponentially. So what are some first steps that you may be willing and able to take so that you can begin your journey to the top? You can learn more about the industry/business that you are interested in by:

-Seeking out a mentor -Working with a reputable business coach* to make a plan of action -Take classes to improve and expand your skill sets -Get a job to experience a particular industry and learn from their executives. -Gather information by reading books written by people who are already successful or doing what you want to do -Decide if you want to plug into an established business plan (i.e. owning a franchise or network marketing) or start from scratch

These are just a few ways to take action, there are many more.  The choice is yours, and the resources are limitless. 

The second thing that keeps people from building their dreams is that they give up before payday.  They may hit a bump in the road, and give up before they find a new path.  They may let a “dream stealer” convince them to stop.  Whatever the case, there isn’t a successful entrepreneur alive today that ever gave up, they just found another way.

All that you need to do is take that first step and become an entrepreneur today; success is just around the corner.

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