“Are you for real?”…..that’s what she said!

February 21, 2013

Today’s Direction Moment:  To change is the process we go through to become who we are really meant to be.

OK so a couple of days ago I’m talking to a good friend who has been “feeling” closer to 50 than her 43 years.  After a few minutes of chit chat, and talking about some stuff going on in her life,  in true Judy form, I asked her what she was going to do about it.  What was her action plan. And what transpired was both hilarious, typical of many of us 40 somethings,  coulda had a V8 moment and a big realization for myself….

She said she had to get control over her health and her life.  She wanted to work on her mindset (she felt that she wasn’t as positive and peppy as she was in her 30′s), increase her energy and see the positive side of life again.  So I probed deeper….she wasn’t “doing the do” if you will….she wasn’t reading or listening to things that filled her up, she wasn’t really exercising, and cereal for dinner had become the norm….(hey give her some slack her husband is away training for like 3 months, and I feel her…..during deployment sometimes cereal was morning, noon and night for me!) .  My friend had sort of become numb to her daily routine.  Sound familiar?

And then she asked me, Judy I realize I’ve only known you for a couple of yrs but “Are you for real”?  I was like huh?  What do you mean am I for real?  She said you are always  positive, you always know what to say, and you are so “together”…..YEPPERS you can bet this was the HILARIOUS part of the story.  Because ”together” wasn’t how you would have described me at various points throughout my life. In fact I am known to “hunkerdown” and become hermit like when things get rough.

I realized that her question came from the fact that she didn’t know my full story, sure she knew some, and if you follow this blog you get glimpses of my life, but my full story is VERY real, and well sometimes not so pretty.  But I’ve come to embrace it, it’s mine, and it’s what got me to where I am today.

As our conversation proceeded, I realized that so many people just like us were questioning all that was happening in their lives.  They were “going through the motions” wondering if they really are doing what they are supposed to be doing….and then the ”WOW the I could have had a V8″ moment hit us both….we realized that no matter how many times we are told …if you do the same things over and over you will get the same results… ….Hello!!!  Reminder to us, if you want something different you have to become different!  And that is a good thing! Change is a good thing!  Taking action to find a way to change your circumstances is a GOOD THING!

So often we really don’t think of change and action as a good thing, change often means that we feel lots of stuff we don’t want to. Fear, stress even some anxiety change stirs things up…..but the truth is that if you continue to do what you were doing when you were younger, it won’t do you much good.  Whether it’s a job, your exercise program yada yada….we have to change what we are doing so we can move forward and get what we want.

And maybe that’s why my friend asked if I was “for real”…..I am very open to change, in fact I welcome it (mind you sometimes I do it kicking and screaming, but I have learned how to capitalize on the direction moments that life presents me because I realize that all the “stuff” that comes up with them is good for me….) .

Change is good as long as it is forward moving and for some people that seems very unreal.  Change can be scary, and the fear of change often stops people from reaching their full potential.

Which brings me to the point of all of this…..Welcome change, and until you get the results you want (all of them) continue to shake things up, adjust your sails and continue to take action and soon you will be looking in the mirror and saying “Are you for real” and you can say YES I AM!

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