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Military Life: Random Thoughts of a Diva on safety

As a military spouse I have been briefed (by my soldier) on everything about being prepared, observing my surroundings, personal safety and well just about any other topic about being resourceful that you can imagine. But every now and again I even have to shake my head and wonder why I do what I do.

Truth be told I’m secretly waiting for someone to walk up to me one day and say (shaking their head the entire time) “Give it…Hand it over, your privileges as a milspouse have been revoked – you of all people should know better”. And then they will then go back to their duties and I will be the laughing stock with stories that end with “can she really be that naïve”?

Well yes sir, yes she can…

Let me set the stage. Here in Colorado Springs I’m not sure if there could be a more perfect day. The weather is absolutely incredible (sunny, high 70’s with a light cool breeze) I had a great meeting this morning and a fairly light schedule today so I decided to head out doors for a long walk around the Ft Carson Golf course (4.5 miles btw – yay go me!). It was awesome, it was challenging and I felt accomplished…that is right up until I was back in my house and my “training” came to mind.

It was in that moment that I was like WTH was I thinking and my mind became flooded with the following random thoughts (Which I am sure you can appreciate why I won’t be sharing them with the above mentioned soldier):

1. “Always take a buddy”. No I didn’t and yes I know better. And YES I would have grounded my kids for life for doing what I did without a buddy. You see the back side of the course not only is completely isolated but for all I know the boogey man still actually lives there…and IF said boogey man felt like jumping into my path NO one and I mean NO one would hear me scream. Bad plan without backup.

2. Lions and Rattlers and Bears OH MY! Ok so maybe not REAL lions but mountain lions do exist around here and just recently a cub was spotted looking for it’s momma and there are definitely rattlesnakes (yep I heard one) and a variety of bugs that felt the need to take chunks out of my now sunburned arms. So not bringing mace or taking a route that wasn’t so far removed from any semblance of civilization wasn’t the best plan. Dually noted.

3. Right in to the Danger Zone. It’s an Army installation not Air Force and no signs of a sand volleyball court anywhere along the trail, but the danger on the trail is real if you aren’t watching where you are going. Massive holes dot the trail and brush that my pup Cassie loves to roam in. Said holes are home to some animal just waiting for me (or my pup) to step in so it can eat us for lunch…and let’s not be reminded of the fact that if we were to say break a leg stepping into that same hole, there is NO one that would hear me scream!

4. Amazing View. No where else can you get a view like that of Pikes Peak – and I have to say it’s still breathtaking each and every time it appears over any horizon. So worth it!

5. Perfect weather. That is IF you prepare. I mean it LOOKed great Before I left the house – yeah the cool temps made me forget sunscreen, glasses and a hat which made the perfect weather perfect until about 40 minutes in… (see thought 2 and add burned scalp to the mix)

6. WOOHOO Go Me. Completing this walk was a monumental turning point for me…I couldn’t have walked that trail 5 months ago, and the fact that I can (and write this immediately after) is cause to celebrate!

So who cares if people think I’m naïve I know that my adventures are what help me live and learn. Sure I may not have considered all the risks involved but I did rock my Diva self and yes I’ll take a safer route next time or take a buddy with me, but I wouldn’t change the experience at all(ok maybe the sunscreen part) .


~Judy Davis, the Direction Diva is a motivational speaker, author and lifestyle blogger as well as a military life and teen suicide prevention expert. Co-founder of DASIUM, Judy’s books Right Side Up  and Warning Signs: Is Your Teen at Riskare go to resources for families and her websites are filled with tips, inspiration and resources for those looking for direction. Connect with Judy at

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