• From military spouses, entrepreneurs and small business owners to employees, first-responder families and rooms full of college students Judy Davis is the speaker you need for your next conference or corporate event. Judy is the expert on taking people by the hand and showing them how to transform their lives, jobs and businesses “One Moment at a Time”. 

    Judy’s real passion, and greatest talent, is transforming the hearts of a room full of people. Audiences laugh, cry, learn, and change when they hear Judy’s transformational speaking. When you hire Judy you get more than a speaker, you get someone committed to your success - a team member who connects to your needs and impacts your agenda in a unique and powerful way.

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  • Some of Judy’s Most Requested Keynote & Breakout Topics

    Judy's talks are highly customized and tailored to meet your specific needs/circumstances.
    Contact her team to discuss any topic requests not listed here. 

  • Judy Davis is a speaker who will:

    • Touch your audience
    • Connect with and inspire your group
    • Exceed expectations
    • Deliver customized presentations
    • Incorporate humor & sincerity
    • Share in an inspiring and authentic way

    Your audience will walk away with:

    • Strategies to find balance in their lives
    • Tips to end the drama, stress & negativity
    • Improved coping strategies
    • Skills/information for long-term success
    • New insight and direction
  • Military Spouse Seminar/Keynote Topics

    If you are a government buyer, you will find my profile in SAM under my parent company name: ReclaimU, LLC. My cage code is 7SX47 .

    Right Side Up: Finding Your Way thru Military Life 

    In this highly customized talk Judy shares tools, strategies and inspiration helping attendees take an engaging and insightful look at the most difficult aspects of military life and discover how to turn things around. Attendees gain insight and learn strategies that will show them how to thrive as a member of the military community. Based on Judy’s Book Right Side Up)

    Flush The Stress: Finding Balance In The Military 

    In this fun and engaging talk Judy shares techniques for getting rid of stress and strategies for finding balance in life. Perfect for a breakout session or customized keynote) 

    You Unleashed: Discover Your Inner Hooah: 

    Often the challenges of military life make it difficult. Participants will learn strategies for embracing military life as well as self-care techniques for how to make a difference not only in their lives, but in the community without losing themselves in the process.)

    Kevlar Kouples: Bullet Proofing for a Happy Military Marriage 

    As a military couple it can feel as though your relationship is a constant target for destruction. With her distinctly raw and real approach to life Judy shares how she and her husband of 25 years keep it together day in and day out. Attendees leave with a fresh outlook and tips for navigating the highs and lows that come with being married in the military.


    **Each of these talks can be customized for first-responders and their families.

  • Small Business & Corporate Seminar/Keynote Topics

    Your Bottom Line and Stress 

    Judy delivers a powerful message on balancing family commitments with your business and corporate life. The demands of being an entrepreneur or powerful employee are vast; add in the challenges of maintaining a healthy family life and your stress levels can reach a whole new threat level. Judy shares real strategies for finding that sweet spot between moving forward and reaching your goals with balancing your daily life and personal relationships.

    Becoming A Small Business Rockstar: Strategies for Success 

    The idea of starting, building and growing a business is very different from the actuality that is an entrepreneurs every day life. From income streams and growth measures to strategies for preventing burnout and stress, Judy shares the reality of what can go wrong and provides action steps that will support your goals and help you find success.

  • From Crisis to Profit in 90 Days

    Sometimes the most profitable and rewarding businesses come from life experience. Learn how Judy along with her co-founders turned the crisis of of her son's suicide attempt and lack of support resources into a business that is now leading the way in depression, addiction and suicide prevention in teens and young adults.

    Networking Ninja 

    You know that networking is key to long term growth & success in your business. You also know that networking in a way that doesn’t have people running for the hills isn’t always so simple. This fun and powerful talk about the many “faces of networking” will not only have you laughing, but it will help you identify where and how you can step up your game so YOU are the person people are seeking out and talking about.

    Social Media Success: Deadly Posts and Your Bottom Line

    Social Media can be an entrepreneurs greatest asset. From prospecting and sales to enhanced customer service it's a tool that when used effectively can expand your reach and bring added success. But when it works against you it can be deadly to your bottom line.  In this engaging talk Judy helps you identify what you are doing right and shares the 5 social media mistakes that will stop your business' growth faster than you can hit the like button.

  • Judy Davis Live

  • Suicide Prevention Programs - DASIUM

    Cofounder of DASIUM, Judy is a leading speaker, expert and panelist who tackles the tough topics and real life concerns surrounding depression, addiction and suicide in teens/young adults. She is able to connect with the audience in an engaging and effective way, bringing a message of hope and encouragement ultimately guiding teens to reach out and get the help they need. Her stories raw and relevant providing information and action steps that save lives.

    From keynotes and break-out sessions to panels and round table leaders, Judy and her DASIUM team of speakers can meet your needs.

    Below are core talk topics which can be customized for your military or civilian audience. For additional information visit the DASIUM.net website.

    Student Seminar: Are You or a Friend at Risk?
    Family Seminar: Is Your Teen at Risk?
    Faculty/Staff Seminar: Crisis on the Horizon
    Student Seminar: Live to Tell Your Story – A Message of Hop
    Employee Seminar: Are You or a Collegue at risk?

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  • What people say about Judy

  • "Working with Judy is such a joy but listening to her speak is a real experience. Thank you for sharing so openly and providing action steps that are simple and effective." 

  • "You hit the nail on the head bringing Judy in to give a different (much needed) perspective. I loved it!!" 

  • “The attendees raved about your presentation. The information you shared was so important for our military families. Thank you for making such an impact and we look forward to working with you again.”

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