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Judy Davis is a motivational speaker that specializes in helping people move beyond the logistics so they can

Manage their ever-changing lifestyles
Find balance and direction
Calm the Chaos
End the Drama and Negativity
Reach goals and find success
Eliminate stress from their lives
Create and maintain  great relationships
Utilize T.I.P.s to improve their businesses (Tools, Information and Perspective)
tay on track and get ahead

Schedule Judy for your next event and you will have a fun action packed event that is custom designed for your specific audience and need. 

MOAA WFS 9.10.14 Breakout session JudyJudy is the expert on taking people by the hand and showing them how to  transform their lives and move forward “One Moment at a Time”. She shares T.I.Ps [Tools, Information and Perspective] that support each person as they tackle the stressful situations, and everyday challenges that military life brings. Judy’s real passion, and greatest talent, is transforming the hearts of a room full of people.

Audiences laugh, cry, learn, and change when they hear Judy’s transformational speaking. Whether it’s a room full of military spouses, small business entrepreneurs or families, Judy connects to their needs in a unique and powerful way.

Hire Judy Davis, The Direction Diva, so she can inspire and motivate your group today:

Judy’s Signature, Keynote & Breakout Topics

Military Spouse Seminar/Keynote Topics

Right Side Up: Find Your Way When Military Life Turns You Upside Down (based on Judy’s Book RightSideUp)

Flush The Stress: Finding Balance In The Military

Channel Your Inner Hooah: Strategies for Embracing life as a Military Spouse

Kevlar Kouples: Bullet Proofing for a Happy Military Marriage

Rock Your Business: Real Strategies for Military Spouse Entrepreneurship

Small Business Seminar/Keynote Topics

Save Your Small Business: Strategies for Success

Networking Ninja: Secrets to Using Social Media Effectively

Living Thru Crisis Seminar/Keynote Topics

rp_MOAA-WFS-9.10.14-Panel-on-Stage-e1411134434421-250x300.jpg Living Thru Crisis tackles the growing issue of teen depression, suicide ideation and addiction. Our mission is to bring real life experience to an often stigmatized issue by sharing our families story.  After his suicide attempts resulted in a diagnosis of PTSD/depression/addiction, Judy’s son Geoffrey is in recovery and works with Judy to help families before it’s too late.

The Duo provides strategies, coping skills and hope teaching parents, community leaders and families that Suicide, Depression and Addiction aren’t selective. For information and details on the specific seminars we offer visit: Living Thru Crisis

Family Seminars:

Is Your Teen at Risk? (available with a military, civilian or recovery focus)
Through The Darkness: A Journey through Teen Suicide Ideation, Depression & Addiction  (Told from both the parent/teen perspective)

Leadership Seminars:

Crisis on the Horizon 
In a panel discussion format Geoffrey & Judy answer questions and help organizations as well as military and community leaders understand the unique challenges military dependents face today and how the long term effects of war are effecting our military dependents emotional and mental state of mind.

 Direction Diva inspired talks are highly customized and may be tailored to many specific circumstances.


IMG_20141105_165139942 Judy is  a speaker who . .

* Touches your audience
* Relates well to your group
* Meets your specific and unique needs
* Incorporates humor & sincerity

IMG_20141106_203521816If you are interested learning more about the above topics, and would like to hire Judy to work with your group/organization please choose one of these options:

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