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Mother’s Poem: I Will Hold You Always

Mother’s Poem: I Will Hold You Always

by Judy Davis

I held you the moment you entered this world,

I held you as you took your first steps.

I held you as you struggled to ride a bike,

And I held my tears as you walked into school that very first time.

I held my hands in prayer as you held the keys to my car,

I held your heart when it was breaking.

I held my breath as you opened that letter,

I held my head high when your dream became a reality.

I held back my sadness as you began your new life,

I held my tongue when you knew more than I.

I hold my breath as you find your way,

I will hold your child the day you understand why

I hold you forever in my heart.

I will Hold You Always,

I am your mother.

~Judy Davis, the Direction Diva is a motivational speaker, author and entrepreneur as well as a military life and teen suicide prevention expert. Co-founder of DASIUM, Judy’s books Right Side Up  and Warning Signs: Is Your Teen at Riskare go to resources for families and her websites are filled with tips, inspiration and resources for those looking for direction. Connect with Judy at


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