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Living in the Crap May Be Just What You Need to Reduce Stress

To many times when I am longing to reduce stress in my life I look around and realize that at the core of my stress lies the fact that I just don’t like where my life is at that moment. I’m not talking philosophically but in a more literal sense.  I may not like my house, my carpet, or even the state (or installation I live on).  Sometimes I wish I could just snap my fingers and fix all the physical crap in your life that doesn’t suit you. Believe me I’ve been there, stressed out feeling like I don’t have a choice in my surroundings and it can feel terrible. But it doesn’t have to be, in fact it may be just what you need….let me explain.

El Paso wasn’t my favorite town, I didn’t speak Spanish (which is a problem there) and it was difficult. I didn’t like my surroundings at all, and stress seemed to follow me where ever I went while we were stationed there. However looking back I can see many reasons why it was the right place for me right at that time.  You see living in the crap helped me to see that no matter where you are living, you are surrounded by beauty and opportunity, even if you have to look hard to find it.

You may be sitting there rolling your eyes right now, but bear with me.

When you are surrounded by an environment that doesn’t feel good, doesn’t look good or just isn’t where you want to be, you have to turn within in order to find out how to reduce the stress.  Think of it as if all the distractions have been turned off, and you have a free pass to dig deep within yourself and grow as a person.  Instead of thinking about all the “crap” that surrounded me physically, I was forced to seek out the strength that was inside me. If it weren’t for those Ft Bliss years, I’m not sure I would have been able to find my way as a military spouse. And Living in the crap was the catalyst that made my appreciation of military life possible.

For you the crap may be a project you have been putting off,  a dream you set aside years ago, or the fact that you haven’t taken he time to improve your health. Whatever it is, when your situation is less than desirable it’s a sign and a gift. When you just sit with something you won’t be distracted and you take the time and opportunity to make good on any or all of the desires that up until now got pushed aside…

So the next time you look around and are overwhelmed by the crap that is everywhere – know that you are being given a gift to reduce the stress in your like.  Take the opportunity to look inside and see all that is there, you may be surprised that you find just what you need!

How do you Reduce Stress?

~Judy Davis, the Direction Diva is a motivational speaker, author and lifestyle blogger as well as a military life and teen suicide prevention expert. Co-founder of DASIUM, Judy’s books Right Side Up  and Warning Signs: Is Your Teen at Riskare go to resources for families and her websites are filled with tips, inspiration and resources for those looking for direction. Connect with Judy at

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