• Need a Military Life Re-set?

    As an active duty military spouse, I know first-hand that this lifestyle can be challenging. There are lots of resources and information that help us handle the logistics but support on the emotional side of military life is a bit harder to find. 

    And that's what you will get here! Tips, strategies and advice on ways to handle the stress, chaos and change that comes with military life delivered in a real and transparent way. Whether it's in my articles, videos, books or at a live event, my mission is to provide you with what you need to make your life a whole lot easier!

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  • Right Side Up is a practical and motivating guide that will help you find your way through military life! If you are ready to be happy with your military life, Right Side Up will help you:

    • Define your role as a military spouse and tweak your expectations of military life. 
    • Identify situations that cause you stress and create strategies to calm chaos, deal with drama, and respond to change. 
    • Find ways to cut the yuck from your life, make yourself a priority, and fully embrace military life

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  • Direction Moment

    A direction moment is a moment in time that changes the course of your life forever We all have times when we look around and wonder. We wonder how we got to where we are, and we wonder what our future holds. We may be happy with what we see, or perhaps we look around and realize that we want things to be different. Sometimes we may even feel lost as to how to make that happen. We can find [...]

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  • Whether it's a cup of tea or coffee, these mugs from Big Voice Canvas are the perfect way to start the day!

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  • From the moment you hear a heartbeat, the enormity of what lies ahead hits you full on and mom stress becomes a real thing. Whether it’s your first or fifth time becoming a new mom it is always a challenge. A new family member changes everything and brings with it a new normal that over time [...]

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    “Everyone deserves to realize their fullest potential toward health and well-being, and good mental health care is essential to this”. Dr. Arpan Waghray of Providence St. Joseph Health is also spot on in this video discussing the importance of integrated care toward long-term overall health. [...]

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  • Did you know that the last 5 minutes of your day create your tomorrow? I didn't. In fact I had no idea that the way I ended my day would affect my military life and my small business to such a large extent.  The reality is that often I go to bed worried about well pretty much everything, and it [...]

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    I loved the following quote from Mike Farrow and think it is especially true when it comes to military mental health.  I believe that there comes a point when as a military spouse you realize that if you are going to enjoy this life, the sooner you save yourself and adopt his philosophy [...]

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