7 ways to find successHere at Direction Diva headquarters our goal is to help you find success quickly. Sometimes we do that by sharing our experiences so you don’t have to deal with the challenges yourself so I thought I’d talk about 5 things you can do to find success right now. But first I wanted to talk a little about expectations because expectations and success go hand in hand.

Lately, I have been in a twirl about how to reach the entire military and military spouse communities more effectively. I have cycled between excitement and frustration trying to find success. I know there has to be a better way than, I expect to find the solution but the secret sauce is eluding me at every turn.

I have written about expectations in Right Side Up and also blogged about them here but an interesting realization hit me as I was plodding along stuck in the frustration looking for an answer to present itself…

Expectations are not only what’s driving my success, they are responsible for it and here’s why… [click to continue reading …]


5 Ways

I love when I run across great content especially when it focus’ on issues affecting children. Today Stephanie Cameron, author of Ella Mae The Courageous Cheerleader joins us in a post with a unique viewpoint that we all need to hear about bullying and how it helped her become a better person. I hope you get as much out of it as I did…

Bullying is a growing world-wide epidemic.  Literally, all over the world new organizations are forming to stop it.  The effects of bullying can be severe and long lasting.  According to stopbullying.gov, kids who are bullied are more likely to experience depression, anxiety, increased feelings of sadness, changes in sleep, health complaints and decreased academic achievement.  Sometimes it even leads to suicide, although the link between being bullied and suicide remains controversial. 

I was bullied for approximately 6 years through the period of Jr. high and high school.    The bullying was never physical.  It was both verbal and social in nature and came mostly from the competitive cheerleader teams.  I didn’t realize until much later in life that I was still carrying the effects of the wounds within me.  I took time in my adult life through counseling and therapy to work through my emotions. On the other side of the pain, I wrote my first children’s book Ella Mae the Courageous Cheerleader.

Bullying is a terrible thing.  I now advocate for bullying victims through my storybook.  I travel to schools, churches and conventions to share encouragement to those who need it.  I devote time to education and trying to stop it. Yet, as bad as bullying is, could it have actually helped me? [click to continue reading …]


The Secret Every MilSpouse Business2Being a small business owner is hard but being a military spouse small business owner is even harder. As the Direction Diva you know that I call it like I see it, especially when it comes to business.  And right now I believe that we military spouses all need  a reality check when it comes to building our businesses and finding success.

We create, release, market and pitch all in an effort to make a difference and some of us even create a paycheck. Yes that’s right I said a paycheck.  I hate that many of us who are providing incredible products and services are doing it at our own expense. It’s a mindset that seems to permeate throughout the community, almost making us feel guilty for charging for what we do. But the idea that we should work for free because we serve the military is just one of the realities that must change if we are to survive.

I don’t say this lightly and I’ll probably ruffle some feathers here, but something has to give and the paycheck issue isn’t the only thing that has to change. I can’t tell you how many conversations, emails and frustrated posts I am fielding every single day. We are a passionate bunch who LOVE what we do, but as a whole we are failing.

I’ll admit when I first started out I never really intended to grow a brand and maybe neither did you. The Direction Diva was more of a hobby where I could share my life with other military spouses hoping to help them navigate this crazy life with me. But like so many of us, what started out as something to do for a couple of hours a week, quickly caught fire and before I knew it my hobby had taken over my entire life and my family finances were a mess. I’ve changed how I run things these last 8 months and I’m happy to say I’m finally able to answer YES to the never ending inquiry of “Is this ever going to stop costing us money”!

I’m writing this post as much for myself as I write it for you because I learned one thing; If we don’t change the way we run our businesses  we won’t make it. In fact, many fellow bloggers, authors, business owners and advocates are teetering a fine line on the verge of burn out thinking of quitting and I don’t want that.

Here is the reality:

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Smart Advice for Mastering Military LifeAs a military spouse I am no stranger to change. In fact I’m always looking for the best advice for mastering my military life. Heck I even became the Direction Diva because I share the tips and strategies I picked up along the way as I discovered how to navigate my everyday military life.

For years whenever I was met with change I saw it as a source of stress. But I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t need to be that way. Change doesn’t have to be something to fear or stress over, it can actually be something that gives us a fresh start, a new attitude and a brighter future. These 6 pieces of advice come from learning how to embrace change and keep stress levels under control.

Smart Advice #1: Recognize change is a process

The first step to handling any type of change is to simply recognize that things will be different and that you may not know exactly how things will unfold and that’s OK! As I share in my new book change is just the start of a process and recognizing that is half the battle! [click to continue reading …]