Direction Moments Live: Military Relationships – The Challenge of Building Trust by Judy Davis

August 8, 2014

I’m really excited to bring you the first episode of Direction Moments Live titled Military Relationships – The Challenge of Building Trust. Direction Moments live is a short audio podcast type of post that touches on the issues and challenges we deal with as military spouses. Never more than 15 minutes long they will give you the REAL scoop […]

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Milspouse Reflections: Don’t Let Your Fear of Change Hold You Back by Judy Davis – The Direction Diva

August 4, 2014

Fear of change is the greatest challenge I face as a military spouse and it’s often the thing that holds me back from having a great experience. Change in the military environment used to be a recipe for disaster. You see I like routine, consistency and knowing that my actions will produce the results I am looking for. But change […]

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The Key to Find Balance As A Military Spouse by Judy Davis – The Direction Diva

July 29, 2014

Chaos, stress, unexpected change. These are some of the biggest obstacles we face when trying to find balance in our life as a military spouse. I can’t tell you how many times my best thought out plans have been ruined because of an unexpected change in my soldiers day. It’s the little things that really send my life into free fall. The cold […]

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Military Life: How PCS Orders Triggered The Grieving Process by Judy Davis – The Direction Diva

July 23, 2014

PCS, Permanent Change of Station, Moving, Military Move, Orders. Call it what you want. Heck I’ve even heard it called the “P-Word”.  But until this very moment I never really understood how a simple piece of paper could create feelings of sadness, depression and anxiety. Just to be clear NO this isn’t my first PCS and typically I’m not one […]

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Tech Moment: Mastering The Cloud With My Nokia Tablet by Judy Davis – The Direction Diva

July 22, 2014

Cameron Diaz would have us think that “Nobody Understands The Cloud”. Well Ms. Diaz I beg to differ!  Well that is after yesterday when the aforementioned clouds parted and understanding came streaming down from the most unlikely source. You see I’m a little “below-average” on the tech scale. Like most people I use my smartphone to stay […]

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Military Life: Talking About War by Britta Reque-Dragicevic

July 17, 2014

For years we have been a nation at war. For years our veterans have kept their experiences silent. I remember my father in law (a WWII veteran) getting a distant look and finding an excuse to leave the room whenever a history question was asked by my children.  He couldn’t talk about his experience and […]

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