Military Life: A Crisis on the Horizon

March 11, 2014

I’m out here in the trenches and I’m listening…and from what I see I think it’s time someone starts talking candidly about what’s really going on before it’s too late. There is a crisis on the horizon and we need someone to stand up and let the country know what’s happening. Perhaps we will one day be able […]

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Resource Review: Spouse Calls: Messages from a Military Life

March 10, 2014

Book: Spouse Calls: Messages from a Military Life Author: Terri Barnes Author Website: Rating: 10/10 (Disclosure)   Resource Review: The experience you have when you open the pages of Terri’s new book Spouse Calls will stay with you. Whether you are a military spouse or a civilian the stories and information she shares about military […]

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Resource Review: Soldier Send – The Perfect Way to Send A Carepackage

March 9, 2014

Company: Soldier Send Contact: Mick Garrison; Founder Website: Rating: 9/10 (Disclosure) Resource Review: You see it everywhere a couple having a new baby, a soon to be married couple, even a house purchase sparks the need for a gift registry. But what about the service member overseas who may not have someone to send them a little […]

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Parenting Moment: Mourning Other Peoples Losses

March 3, 2014

Last week my sister-in-law Jennifer wrote a blog post that touched my heart in such a way that I haven’t been able to get it out of my mind. She said what so many of us have felt when someone in our community must deal with a loss. Today I learned of another death, 3 in our local […]

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Tech Moments: Top Apps for Military Spouses

February 26, 2014

Those of you that know me well know that technology has never really been something I would go out of my way for. I was a my texting phone is enough kind of gal for a very long time. I have enough going on in my life that the mere thought of learning how to use […]

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Military Life: 10 Tips For Taming Your Caveman (aka Create A Happy Homecoming)

February 17, 2014

Ok so I will preface this post with a) I love my soldier and  b) we have been married for almost 23 years (so I pretty much have said all of this to his handsome face . But this week I have had SOOO many spouses and friends ask me if their spouse has ”LOST HIS EVER LOVIN MIND” […]

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