Resource Review: Ugly Baby: How To Get Over Fear And Give Birth To Your Odd Idea

by Judy Davis on June 18, 2013

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Book: Ugly Baby: How To Get Over Fear And Give Birth To Your Odd Idea
Author: Kim Duke
Author Website:
Rating: 8/10 (Disclosure)


Resource Review:

Whether she’s calling you cupcake or sharing a business tip that you know you SHOULD be doing but aren’t, Kim Duke is the real deal.  In fact we met over boxed sandwiches as a conference she was speaking at in Denver and I’ve followed her advice ever since. One diva to another… I just love her spunky, in your face style and her sales/business advice is spot on.

From the opening chapter you forget how many times you have talked yourself out of a business/product idea and begin to build the courage to finally take the plunge and bring your “Ugly Baby” to life. Each tidbit of info, insight and advice motivates you to take action as you have never before. Warning: When using an e-reader or reading near an electronic device take care as you may spit your favorite refreshment everywhere!

Kim new book, Ugly Baby: How To Get Over Fear And Give Birth To Your Odd Idea doesn’t disappoint! You feel as if she’s sitting next to you telling you about all the ways that you can make your dreams a reality.  My advice is to take her advice because not only is it sassy, fun, and informative but  most of all it is a resource that EVERY business woman (or potential business women) will get something out of.

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