• Tips for Managing New Mom Stress from a Military Spouse

  • This post was sponsored by 1 Natural Way. The opinions are completely my own.

  • From the moment you hear a heartbeat, the enormity of what lies ahead hits you full on and mom stress becomes a real thing. Whether it’s your first or fifth time becoming a new mom it is always a challenge. A new family member changes everything and brings with it a new normal that over time will unfold naturally. But what do you do when you are sleep deprived and unsure whether it’s day or night? How do you balance life as a military spouse and the demands of being a new mom?

    With the help of our friends at 1 Natural Way, I’m sharing some simple strategies for managing stress along with how to that are sure to have you rocking the new mom thing in no time:

    Allow others to help you:


    It’s easy to feel like you have to don your supermom cape and handle it all. But the quickest way to relieve stress is to allow others to help. Don’t be afraid to be specific in asking for the kind of help you need. Everyone is different, some new moms need help with the baby, others want help with the kids, house, laundry and meals. There is no right or wrong as to how you receive help, so ask for what YOU need.

    Invite others to be part of the feeding process:


    Long gone are the times where mom is the only one who can be part of the feeding process. Your spouse, an older sibling, family members or a friend can give you a much-needed break and get some bonding time with the help of a bottle. Thankfully, particularly if you are a breastfeeding mom, 1 Natural Way makes it super easy to share in the process with their breast pumps, breast pump accessories, compression socks and postpartum care supplies.

    What I love about the 1 Natural Way program is that they take the stress out of getting supplies including their high-quality insurance breast pumps from Medela and Spectra. Not only are they completely covered for TRICARE members (at no cost to you), but you can choose from styles like the Medela Freestyle or the Spectra S1 Breast Pump, and the Medela Pump in Style Tote/Backpack. And the best part? 1 Natural Way handles everything–let me say that again, they handle everything from contacting Tricare and your physician to setting up delivery.

    All you need to do is follow these simple steps (takes less than 5 minutes):

    1 – Fill out the insurance information form found HERE

    2 – Select your breast pump model (Tricare covers all models 1 Natural Way offers)

    3 – Enroll in the free Monthly breastfeeding accessories program (called ReSupply)

    4 – Provide us with a prescription (or your doctor’s information, and they will get it for you)

    5 – Wait for the delivery! Your pump and supplies will ship right to your front door via UPS or USPS

    Allow Yourself Some Guilt Free “me” time:



    Let’s face it, being a new mom is exhausting. People will tell you to nap when the baby naps but don’t be afraid to use “nap” time as your personal time to do something for yourself. With people coming in and out to welcome your new addition, the chaos can be overwhelming. So don’t be afraid to refill your battery in whatever way works best for you. Remember, nap time doesn’t have to be for just napping!





    *This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of 1 Natural Way, a TRICARE breast pump provider. All opinions are entirely my own

    ~Judy Davis, The Direction Diva is a motivational speaker, entrepreneur, author and host of the Mighty Parenting Podcast. She is a small business and teen suicide prevention expert as well as an influencer in the military spouse community. Judy is passionate about providing programs and resources to families across the nation and is the CEO of DASIUM a brand leading the way in depression, addiction and suicide prevention in teens and young adults. Judy’s books Right Side Up  and Warning Signs: Is Your Teen at Risk are go to resources for families. To hire Judy or Connect with her visit TheDirectionDiva.com

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