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Q & A: What Is A Direction Moment?

A direction moment is a moment in time that changes the course of your life forever

We all have times when we look around and wonder. We wonder how we got to where we are, and we wonder what our future holds. We may be happy with what we see, or perhaps we look around and realize that we want things to be different. Sometimes we may even feel lost as to how to make that happen.

We can find ourselves on a path that we may not have consciously chosen. But here is the thing No matter where you have been or what direction you are headed, if you look back over the course of your life, you will notice that there are moments that had a significant impact.

It may have been something you chose (like marriage) or it may have been something that life threw at you (like an illness), but moments like these can change us forever, and those moments are what I refer to as Direction Moments.

Direction Moments are opportunities for us to make choices and take action. They empower us to break through our fears and challenge us to step up our game. Direction Moments are what dreams and success are built on. But most importantly, they allow us to redirect our thoughts, our mindsets and our actions in a way that moves us forward.

Direction moments are unique and often sparked by a simple mindset shift, and that is why I share them daily on twitter! What has been a significant Direction Moment in your life? I’d love to know!

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