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    I'm Judy, motivational speaker, podcast host, author and expert on parenting teens and upstream solutions for teen suicide prevention. I'm not really a diva, but I am a military spouse known for my raw and real approach to life. Some people tell me I'm awesome at giving advice. Me, I just want to help people find success without all the stress. 

    If you are an event planner or organization looking for a speaker, guest, expert or a parent looking for tips and strategies for raising teens/young adults, you are in the right place.

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  • Parenting a teen or young adult today is challenging. If you are looking for real talk about raising teens and parenting young adults, then this is the place for you. 

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  • Depression, addiction and suicide in teens and young adult is rising. Get information, tools and insight on how to recognize the warning signs and get help for your family today.

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  • Taking care of ourselves is often hard to do. This informational checklist will provide you with ideas so you can make taking care of yourself a priority.

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  • Looking for a dynamic speaker for your next conference or event? My real passion, and greatest talent is transforming the lives of a room full of people, helping them find success.

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